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German, Japan and Korea Intelligence with Singapore Innovation. Continuous Improvement on e Quality and Service. Innovation and Intelligence is the driving force behind GLEXUS leadership of Security and lifestyle products. Driven by our relentless pursuit of excellence, we are constantly challenging ourselves to continuous improvement and innovation through our GLEXUS Innovations. Our products provide a new benchmark for reliability and durability. Tested and proven by numerous projects in Buildings, Condos, Factories, Hotels, Resorts, Retails, Marine Vessel or Cruise. Cutting edge technology, state of the art, relentless pursuit of excellence and most importantly, a precise understanding of your needs to give you a peace of mind is what GLEXUS delivers.

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Founded in Singapore since 1998, GLEXUS Group has a wide range of Innovation Products and Solutions with the objective to improve the Security and lifestyle of human.

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Our Motto

The touch of Security and Lifestyle with a personal touch.

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