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General FAQ

BC-65 solution is naturally formulated and is derived from our body’s defense system. It is formulated by utilizing 65 ion-energizing technologies, and is non-toxic, pH-neutral and safe for daily use.

BC-65 eliminates up to 99.999% germs and bacteria. It is proven non-toxic, non-irritant and does not contain alcohol, making it safe to be used at home and with children.

Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, BioCair BC-65 solution is non-toxic, non-irritant, child-safe and eliminates 99.999% bacteria and germs in the air and surfaces within 60-seconds.

The kill rate represents a mathematical calculation for the reduction of a pathogen, the higher the percent (%) kill rate, the greater the reduction in pathogens; each ‘9’ added to the kill rate is a 90% reduction. You can refer to the image below for more details.

The BC-65 solution is safe for humans and pets, and only deadly for harmful micro-organisms. BC-65 is non-toxic and is readily found in our bodies and used by our bodies in the fight against invading micro-organisms.

BioCair provides a revolutionary approach to eliminating bacteria, viruses, spores and fungus from your environment:

– Fast Eliminating: our products are able to eliminate 99.999% of pathogens within 60-seconds

– Safe for You and Your Family: BioCair products are non-toxic, non-irritant, and child safe

– Full Range of Products: BioCair has a range of products to disinfect the air, disinfect your hands and any surface of items you come in contact with

Order FAQ

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Product FAQ

There is an expiration date on each Pocket Spray and Air Purifying Solution – unopened, BioCair products can be stored for 1 year. Once opened, the Air Purifying Solution should be used within 30 days and the Pocket Spray should be used within 60 days.
Please note that the product does not lose all effectiveness when it expires – it can be used past the expiration date, but the effectiveness will be reduced.
BioCair provides a revolutionary approach to eliminating bacteria, viruses, spores and fungus from your environment: our products kill 99.999% of pathogens within 60 seconds, yet remain non-toxic, free of alcohol and is pH neutral.
The other unique feature: BioCair disinfects the air, disinfect your hands and any surface of item you come in contact with.
Using BioCair allows you to quickly, effectively and safely kill the harmful bacteria and germs commonly found on surfaces and in the air.

Storing out of direct light at normal room temperature is ideal.

The BioActiveAnti-HFMD Pocket Spray contains the BC-65 solution specially formulated to kill 99.999% Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Viruses (Coxsackievirus A16 and Enterovirus 71) within 60 seconds.
The Disinfectant Pocket Spray, on the other hand, contains the BC-65 solution specially formulated to kill 99.999% of surface bacteria within 60 seconds. Reducing the threat of common cold, E.coli and many more germs, fungus and spores.
However, it should be noted that both will kill all nasty germs and bacteria.

Based on 1-hour of misting per day, you are able to mist the room about 15 times, meaning about 15 days of misting if using level 2 on the Ultimate machine. 7 days if using the level 3 setting for 1-hour.

The ideal location is where the dry-mist machine is unblocked, this will allow the mist to reach all parts of the room. Our suggestions: at or above table height and centrally located in a room. If there is circulation in the room, the machine does not necessarily need to be centrally located.

The more you use the dry-mist, the lower the level of airborne pathogens, daily misting is a good way to keep the baseline level of pathogens low.
Usually 1-hour per-room per-day is enough- if you want to mist for longer, set the Ultimate machine to level 2 and mist for 2-3 hours. If you are concerned about HFMD, the haze or the flu, you can mist 3-4 hours each day.
If someone in your household is ill, the germ level will likely increase with any coughing and sneezing. To combat the increased level of germs in the air, run the misting machine more frequently and for a longer duration.

No, the machine does not add significant humidity to a room. The mist that comes from our machine is a BC-65 Dry-Mist for disinfecting a room by killing airborne pathogens.

No. The BioCair BC-65 Dry Mist machine is not designed to be used with oils or fragrances. Adding oils or using the machine with anything other than the BioCair Air Purifying Solution is not suggested.

Using the Air Purifying Solution with a normal humidifier will not be as effective as using a BioCair Dry-Mist machine as the humidifier might not produce the small, light mist needed to fill a room- a heavy, wet mist will not travel throughout the room.

The Pocket Spray has many applications: directly onto hands, directly onto a pacifier that has fallen on the ground, even on utensils before eating. Use the pocket spray on any surface that needs disinfecting, simply hold bottle in upright position, spray on surfaces 4 to 6 inches away and wait 60-seconds.

Hold bottle in upright position, spray on surfaces 4 to 6 inches away, remember to cap securely after use.

No, in fact, you should not rinse your hands after using the pocket spray. It is best not to rinse your hands (or objects) after using the spray as the spray will eliminate the germs and bacteria.

The BioCair Air Purifying Solution should be used with a BioCair Dry-Mist machine and diluted with distilled water at a 1:1 ratio.
Simply add 1 part BioCair purifying solution to 1 part distilled water to the tank of any BioCair Dry-Mist machine. Once you have replaced the tank, mist a room for an hour each day to keep the baseline level of pathogens in the room to a minimum.

Tank capacity and several convenient features are the main difference. For example, the Ultimate II Dry-Mist Disinfecting Machine has an auto shut off function and is suitable for larger size rooms like the living rooms up to 65sqm.
Whereas, the Pro II Dry-Mist Disinfecting Machine is idea for smaller rooms up to 30sqm.

No, BioCair is not an air purifier. An air purifier is good at reducing particles in the air, but not necessarily germs. The air purifier generally “pulls” the particles such as dusts, pollen and smoke to the filter, along with germs and bacteria that are attaching around the particles. Using BioCair Disinfecting Machine with BC-65 Air Purifying Solution, dry-mist generated from the machine will fill a room and eliminate the bacteria and germs right in the air, keeping the air safe from harmful bacteria and germs, protecting you and your loved ones from getting sick.

For more information on the differences between BioCair and air purifier: